Court Ordered Anger Management

When a court has ordered you to attend anger management classes, we offer you an intensive one on one programme that will meet the requirements of the court.

In this programme we will show you how to stay in control when angry by teaching you all our practical tools, methodologies and interventions.

The court order anger management programme is practical and highly successful. The sessions are private and discreet and take place by appointment only.


We also provide you with a letter to state that you have commenced the programme and how many sessions you will need once we have met with you and done your anger evaluation. This letter serves to say you have started the programme but does not imply you have completed the programme.
You will need to attend all sessions in order to meet the requirements of the court, and most likely will need follow up sessions every 3 months to ensure you are still making use of what you have learned.

Once you have successfully completed the programme and we are satisfied that your behaviour has improved, we will issue you with a certificate of completion of the programme and a report for the court if requested.
There will be an additional charge for such a court report.
Contact one of our Centres today and make sure you inform the Centre of the Court Order.