Stress Management for Educators/Teachers

Teaching is a stressful job and the demands placed on Educators are immense. Most often they have to deal with time deadlines, lesson planning and preparation, lots of paperwork, difficult learners and lack of resources. This is a responsible profession and stress will impact not only on your work performance in and out of the classroom, but also your mental and physical health and well-being, your energy levels and your personal and family life.

Our programme objective is to provide practical advice to help Educators/ Teachers to manage and reduce their stress levels.


In our stress management programme for the educational sector we explore and teach:

  • Understanding stress and recognising symptoms of negative stress
  • Understanding second hand stress
  • Identifying stressors
  • How to achieve a work/life balance
  • How to avoid stressful self-talk and re-frame
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to develop a longer-term stress-reduction plan for the future
  • Using mindfulness in stress-reduction
  • Using assertiveness

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