We teach you anger management, how to control your emotions, your stress and your behaviour with practical tools that work!

The Anger & Stress Management Centre, with branches around South Africa and the Netherlands, is the only specialist centre of its kind that supports individuals to manage anger, conflict, emotions, behaviour and stress more effectively.
The emphasis is on supporting and empowering you to regain control of your life and stop the patterns of damaging behaviours by using our practical tools and methodology. If your behaviour is not serving you, then we can help you to change it.

Is your behaviour affecting your life or damaging your relationships? If the answer is "Yes", you need to attend Anger Management.

With our Anger Management Classes we teach practical proven tools, methodologies and interventions to help you make a significant difference in your life. You can immediately implement what you learn and see a positive result.

With our Stress Management Programme we teach you how to reduce your stress levels, stay calm and have a happier and healthier life.

With our effective couples counselling, we assist you to rebuild your relationship with your partner, improve communication and ensure that damage is prevented.

The Corporate Workshops we offer are ideal to educate and empower employees how to manage emotions in the workplace.

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There is a price to pay by not dealing with your anger or stress, and in our experience, things only get worse. There is a close relationship between anger and stress and both can impact on your health, work life and personal life if not managed appropriately. There is also a price to pay when you express your anger in an inappropriate and abusive manner.

When your anger is out of control, you create problems not only for yourself but also for others.
When your stress is out of control and you feel overwhelmed, anxious and experience an inability to cope.

Maybe it is time to acknowledge you have a problem with your anger rather than continuing to deny it. Perhaps those around you who have said you need to go and see someone are correct in what they are telling you! Stop blaming others and take responsibility. Take the next step and get some support rather than deny it is time to attend some anger management. Our online anger test will give you a better insight into your anger and your behaviour. This test will be available on line shortly to see if you need Anger Management.

Let us help you manage your anger and reduce your stress.

The Business Day recently published this article on Stress over the Festive Season:  http://bit.ly/2ymNbF5

Our latest testimonials speak for themselves:  
"This course has changed my life and who I am, and I am so grateful. I am a step closer to being the best version of myself." GH
"I was initially out of control - raging and snapping at small things. The programme has indeed helped me find the balance and control my feelings and emotions." MS
"Anyone should do this - do not hesitate. I did not know what to expect, but from the start to the end I enjoyed the sessions. Most of all you can use it in everyday life - personally and at work. I recommend this type of programme!!"  CS

"I think everyone of us must attend a course like this. It can help all of us". "Better than therapy". "Every person should be doing this course. It enriched my life tremendously." 
"At first I was unsure. This programme helped me in more ways than one and exceeded my expectations. I found value and hope others will too. What is learned is making me a better person and I would recommend it to my family, friends and even sceptics!"  and another said "Amazing programme! Helped me so much!". This one: "I'd really recommend everyone to do this course at least once!".
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Everyone is in desperate need of practical tools of anger management that really work, and this is precisely what we offer.

NOTE: The success of our programme comes from over 25 years of experience in this field where we provide you with the tools, concepts and interventions that you need to manage anger for the rest of your life. Our programme is PRACTICAL in nature and we are frequently told we do more in 15 minutes than others that our clients have been to. Please exercise caution with others claiming to offer anger management training where they either don't have the expertise or claim they can achieve results using one modality alone such as NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and Regression. These may have some use, but in reality you need a proper anger management course and to be given all the important practical TOOLS. Some of these sites even make claims about removing anger, yet anger is a normal and natural human emotion and cannot be removed.

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